>These are the people in my neighborhood.

>The goal of this exercise is to identify nine other bloggers that you would like to meet for dinner/drinks. The only caveat is that these bloggers must be strangers, you haven’t met them before. State the blogger’s name, a link to the blog, and why you would like him/her to be in attendance. Meme last seen at The Presurfer.

I’m up for a challenge this evening, and I think you’ll be in for a treat. To mix things up a bit, I now present to you my invite list in reverse alphabetical order by blog name:

Mike from Yet Another Damn Blog – Full of dry humor and clever politics. Mike is my candidate for “most likely to be able to open the door to a conversation about religion without offending anyone seated at the table”.

S from What’s Brewin’ Down Yonder? – S is my candidate for “most likely to have fresh jokes that can be repeated in ‘polite company’”. Though, as I’m thinking about this lineup, I doubt that the collective would be considered polite company.

Mopsa from Waitress Dreams – As a fellow clumsy lesbian, Mopsa is my candidate for “least likely to make me feel like an ass if I spill a little wine on the tablecloth”.

LoriB from The Pilsbury Dough Dyke – Also local, and the friend of a friend, I’d invite Lori as my candidate to be “most likely to help keep the conversation moving”. She has pulled together several very cool events for MutualFriends that I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t attended. This “dinner” would be a good way to finally meet her.

Snowy from Snowshoe Crab – Imagine my surprise to learn that not only is Snowy local, she also has access to the innerworkings of a major meds manufacturer. She’s my candidate for “most likely to discover the cure for Indianapolis winters”.

Natalie from PickleJuice – Former slave to the association world, Natalie would definitely add flavor to the festivities. As she’s currently minding the business of Mopsa, they would probably be able to form a carpool. Voted “most likely to make me spit out my wine in laughing fits”.

HMS of Half Mad – A writer and former spinster, she is my candidate for “most likely to bring me back into the conversation when she realizes that I’ve been observing more than participating.”

Kim from Always the Abecedarian – Soon to be moving to the area with her partner, Kim probably wouldn’t show up. I believe they have some, ahem… “cuddling” to do. But maybe if I invite her too, you’d be able to meet my candidates for “most likely to put the spark back in Naptown”.

And all that in just ten seats?! I wish I had more room. Maybe next time, I’ll plan farther in advance and invite ten or twenty more.


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