>X-mas Apple – So Mote It Be!

>I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a decade. Special side dishes and meatless versions of meals have popped up in various forms since that day. Spaghetti with meatless sauce, taco dip without meat and extra veggie items have shown up at holiday gatherings (still no vegetarian turtle soup though).

Middle sister’s baby-to-be doesn’t like tree nuts. Think of your favorite X-mas cookies. Now think of those that don’t have nuts. JP doesn’t do chocolate/caffeine as it’s not boobie friendly. Now think of thoe nut-free X-mas cookies again. Do any of them have chocolate? Peanut butter chip cookies seemed to work for all involved.

Then comes the Waldorf salad. JP prepared two versions:

1. Apples, mayo, nuts, sugar. (She isn’t a fan of celery.)

2. Apples, mayo, sugar.

Note: Baby sis hates mayo. I don’t remember seeing her eat a sugar-dipped apple, but I’m sure there was an extra apple or two around.

Auntie Lisa did give us the low-down on X-mas afternoon before we dug into the snacks. Pretzels dipped in white chocolate worked, as did many flavors of potato chips.

Be thankful we’re not vegan.


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