>Please help me be helpful.

>I just received a quick email from a fellow blogmistress mentioning that she’d be moving to Indy soon! I want to be able to answer any questions she might have about the city, but I need answers first. Anyone care to help me out with these?

1. Why does the city get billing as having the world’s largest Christmas tree when it’s really just a bunch of lights on a statue?

2. Why are there only Republican lapel pins left on the clearance rack at Kohl’s when this is a red state?

3. Are there any other unigovs or are we just the only ones using the term?

4. How many people are disappointed to learn that “the pyramids” are office buildings?

5. How long is X103 going to be the “NEW rock alternative”?

6. Who will be most screwed when/if (Not my man) Mitch gets the time zone legislation passed?


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