>Mission accomplished.

>(Or, at least , justified.)

I decided to pick up some wine on my way home from work today. I’ve had a fairly horrid day. Wine helps, trust me.


I am fulfilling my New Year’s resolution to “drink more wine”.

Justification #2:

The ‘rents are making wine this summer and need bottles.

Justificatin #3:

There isn’t really one. Do I really need justification?!?

So, I get home, all happy to be finished with work for another week… I had a few groceries to put away and then I was determined to have a glass of wine. Then, I realize that I can’t find my “wine bottle opener dealie” (corkscrew). I look and look. Then, I look and look. Then, I realize that the cheapass wine that I bought doesn’t even have a cork. It’s a freakin’ screw cap! I was apparently quite thirsty when I selected that particular bottle. 😉

Moral of the story?

Sometimes things work out at the end of the day.


5 responses to “>Mission accomplished.

  1. >Glug, Glug, Glug…Sometime the best things in life are not the most expensive. You didn’t have to worry about getting bits of cork in the wine. Good thinkin.Oh, by the way, you don’t have to furnish all the bottles. LOL

  2. >Iwant some….I WANT some….I WANT SOME WINE TOOOOOOOOO! Except I want the kind that Krisie was talking about that you can get in your city…red something. I will have to have you bring me some at thanksgiving….it was very very sweet and yummy!Just me again!

  3. >City business women don’t drink corkless wine.

  4. >Apparently City Business women DO drink corkless wine. I hear its catching on.

  5. >Justi-Schmustification. Actually – there are some damn fine (and $$) wines out there being bottled with screw caps these days. I think Plumbjack was the first American producer to cross over several years ago. But now it seems a lot of vintners are following suit. Screwcaps are actually better than cork – airtight and taint proof. Bottoms up MJ!

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