>I recently attended a conference and expo. Going from vendor to vendor, I accumulated a slew of freebies from pens to an optical travel mouse. Each promo piece was decorated with logos and taglines. Each afternoon, I’d drop the goodies into a pile on my hotel bed. On the second day of the expo, I visited a health insurance company’s booth. As she handed me a tube of chapstick, the accounts manager mentioned that the freebie had been a favorite among attendees. Before dropping it in my satchel, I remember thinking that chapstick was a peculiar giveaway.

Going through my expo stash this evening, I saw the chapstick. As a stand alone, it triggered my memory of visiting the booth. If for nothing more than being an odd “gift” it stood out in the pile. It wasn’t until I read the label that the lightbulb went off.

– Company Name –

Caring is good. Doing something is better.


One response to “>Chapstick.

  1. >I’m gonna call you Susie Chapstick…

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