>17 books, 20 minutes, $2

>or, Why I love the library book sale.

Esquire The Best of Forty Years (c)1973 Should be an excellent read.

Steve Allen “Dumbth”: The Lost Art of Thinking Amazon doesn’t give it good reviews, but it looks like has a smidge of potential.

Majgull Axelsson April Witch The review reads well. Hopefully the book will too.

Sherman Alexie The Toughest Indian in the World Now I have it in hardback šŸ™‚

Ken Weber Five Minute Challenge #1

Charlotte Joko Beck Nothing Special: Living Zen

Anthony Hyde The Red Fox Not entirely sure what possessed me to pick up this one.

James Conaway Napa Wine and a Bestsellers label had me.

Gregory Crouch Enduring Patagonia

Cynthia Robinson Much love, Cynny-san Looks very cool. The book was published in Indiana and carries a blurb from the Japan America Society of Indiana. Never knew it existed. See, I’ve learned something already.

Writing Away: The PEN Canada Travel Anthology Short travel stories, for light insomnia.

Ellen Bache The Activist’s Daughter May be interesting.

Betty Boyd Caroli First Ladies I dig political babes.

Jeffrey Archer To Cut a Long Story Short Neat cover. There, I admit it.

Thomas Harris Silence of the Lambs I’ve never read it.

Thomas Harris Hannibal If I make it through the first one, I think I’ll be able to make it through the second. Maybe.

Amy Tan The Joy Luck Club Mine had a serious amount of funk. Torn pages, worn cover… more than slightly used. This one is lovely.

Thomas Keneally Schindler’s List

They might not all be prime reading, but I think that most of them will be.


One response to “>17 books, 20 minutes, $2

  1. >Let’s see….why I love a book sale…..LOTS of bargains, Lots of books, pushing, shoving, lots of excuse me…little ol’ ladies that rip my empty bags right out of my fingers (that was an experience). But I absolutely loved the sale. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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