>It was nice knowin’ ya.

>In case you were wondering, I believe that my mother is going to kill me. But, you know… I can’t help myself*.

Ain’t she purty?!


*Photo taken by Auntie Lisa at what is rumored to be the last Miller summer picnic. The poor attendance at this year’s “Miller Hillbilly Hoedown” can be attributed (IMHO) can be attributed to:

1. Goofy theme. Okay, maybe this isn’t legit… I did get to wear my bibs. (Past themes include Christmas in August, Alphabet Soup, Very Happy Unbirthday and Halloween in August. The Alphabet theme forced families to attend. After all, if you didn’t show, everyone knew.)

2. Lack of a certain Uncle living in Japan. This could have been the true reason; however, I’m leaning toward…

3. People suck. You probably don’t know who you are, considering those without validated reasons do not read this daily rant.

I seriously hope that this year doesn’t mark the last of the family picnics. Where else do I have the opportunity to get photos of Mom’s trademark smile? 😉   Again, it was a pleasure knowing you. JL gets Ollie. Give the rest of my stuff to the Julian Center.


2 responses to “>It was nice knowin’ ya.

  1. >Wow! I love the photo….you’re right, she sure nuff is purty! Good thing she had three daughters to pass those purty looks on to!

  2. >Whoa—I would TOTALLY kill you.

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