>Sweet baby jesus, I can’t find a tape measure.

>Dear baby jesus,

I cannot find a tape measure. I know I put it somewhere with the other tools. But did I put it with the picture hanging tools or the socket wrench set? Maybe it’s in the junk drawer. Maybe it’s “where I know I’ll find it next time”, but I’ve simply forgotten where that place might be.


Dear reader of my blog,

I cannot seem to find an apartment that it suitable. I am considering staying here for another year. If I do, I’ll want to do something creative with my, quite small, living space. I have had the furniture in this apartment arranged in every conceivable manner and am tired of them all. Also, if I stay in this apartment, I must perform a hard core cleaning ritual. I have outgrown the my storage spaces, or maybe my storage has outgrown me. Time to remove some of the items I’ve been hanging on to. Besides that, life in the Fifteen Minute Ghetto is grand. I believe that my workplace anxiety will soon no longer be an issue. I also believe that good fortune awaits me… just around the corner. Maybe it’ll have the hardwood floors that I am so fond of. Maybe it will have fur after all. Only time will tell.



P.S. – It really drives me mad that Blogger’s spell check doen’t recognize “Blogger or blog”, but it does know that “your lord and savior” is a “proper name”. That, in and of itself, is just wrong.


3 responses to “>Sweet baby jesus, I can’t find a tape measure.

  1. >Nevermind what I just said… Look at what I just read. Not that I’d believe in that kind of thing.If you’re thinking about moving in, moving out or getting married, better wait just a day or so before you announce your final answer. It’s not time. Not yet.

  2. >Move. Go somewhere with an elevator. I bet you would get more visitors.

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