>Can I be trusted?

>I’ve never considered myself one not to be trusted.  Does anyone, though? I admit that I am politically savvy at work. Does that mean that I’m not to be trusted? (In case you wondered, no one called me out or put me on the spot. I simply caught a glance today that I shouldn’t have.)

I’m not unlike my sister who tells it like it is/keeps it real. I can bullshit with the best of them.


P.S. – Blogger went WYSIWYG. I (fleetingly) thought that it was a good thing. Now, I realize that it’s hitting a nerve. Pet peeve: Underlining.


P. S. – Is there a point to today’s rant? Not so much. I’m considering playing the three questions game again. Any takers? This is how it works. Ask me a question, any question. Just be sure that, collectively, you ask three. You’re on.


3 responses to “>Can I be trusted?

  1. >OK I’ll bite :)1) Imagine you throw a party. Your guests are a little freaked out by the invitation, but they end up having a good time. Why were they freaked out?2) It isn’t discussed. It isn’t brought-up. It isn’t thought about. What is it?3)To enter the most elite of clubs (in which you have been dying to get into), you must go through an initiation. We’ve stripped you, locked a strap-on around your waist, placed a plumed hat upon your head, painted “Vegetarian or Death” across your chest, and dropped you off in ranch country in West Texas. What do you do? The good ‘ole boys are watchin’…. GO!

  2. >I admit that this was a ploy. I thought I might take a little break, as it took almost a week for me to gather three questions last time I tried this. But, Kim had three questions for me today, so the rest of you are off the hook, so to speak. My answers:1. See and be seen! Come dressed as your favorite transvestite. The party starts at 1:01 am. OR… Bring your significant other and her/his mother for beach blanet bingo.2. Um… Sounds like a riddle. Still thinking about this one. Anyone care to help me out here? 3. Run for President of the United States. 😉

  3. >Nope. No riddle. Just a ploy to get you to divulge something you don’t normally talk about. Evil, eh?

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