>I see dead people.

>It was a dark and stormy night…

The mosquitoes (and Republicans*)were out in full force. The rain kept us in the chapel for over an hour, asking questions of our tour guide. While he didn’t have many of the answers, he did admit to his ignorance prior to continuing his story.

Heritage Tour At Crown Hill

As Crown Hills most popular tour, the Heritage Tour presents the history of Crown Hill Cemetery while visiting the graves of some of the many interesting people buried here, both the famous and not so Famous, recent and long gone. A variety of monuments, including some of our most recognized statues are included, as well as the view of the downtown skyline from James Whitcomb Riley’s tomb high atop beautiful Crown Hill. Walking Tour, approximately one mile, 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

I wouldn’t take this tour again, but I’d recommend it to someone/anyone who hasn’t been to Crown Hill. It’s an excellent intro to the place. Others on the list (at link above) sound interesting.

*Mr. Tour Guide sprinkled in a nice pitch for Mitch as we sat in the chapel. Apparently, the guide is able to fabricate the dedications on the monuments(as long as the tour doesn’t pass them).


4 responses to “>I see dead people.

  1. >Did you see a goat?

  2. >I didn’t.We heard a couple of goat stories though.

  3. >The mysterious stanger says…Your mom hit a goat with a car once…any comments to that?

  4. >She didn’t either. I have it on good information… The goat jumped on the car. I will have to ask her sometime. This is how gossip gets started. LOL

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