>Intellectual Stimulation (And Lack Thereof)

>Thanks to JL, I read The DaVinci Code in its entirety this weekend.

My head is still spinning with visions of The Last Supper.

Too often, we ignore the obvious.

Or rather, too often, I ignore the obvious.

Now that I’m finished with a novel that I should have read last year, I’m looking for distractions to keep me from preparing for this week’s business-related trip.

I suppose I don’t speak of these trips often enough to warrant the proper response from family and friends. There seems to be an awkward level of interest surrounding this particular trip. That, in an of itself, makes me anxious.

In an earlier attempt at distraction this afternoon, I consolidated my bookmarks. If you seek distraction, I draw your attention to the following:

Authentic Boredom (Design Stuff)

Blogs By Their Covers (More Design Stuff)

Fragmentary Blue (A Southern Indiana blogger I stumbled upon)

Pop Culture Junk Mail (Lots of Links)

I could go on, but have chosen not to.

If anyone is still in need of a gmail account, let me know via the comments. I have several available. Remember to include your email address.


2 responses to “>Intellectual Stimulation (And Lack Thereof)

  1. >Or… I read too much into the wrong things.

  2. >Hi My name is james,i neead an gmail invitaion,if you can send me at hklu@streamyx.com , will be more than grateful.Thank you in advance.

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