>They’re here! They’re queer! They’re cicadas!

>Yes, it’s true. The cicadas are here. Nothing at all like I’d expected. Sounds like August, not a torrential downpour of the creepy crawlies as I had heard.

After that crazy week, last week, I have nada planned for this extended weekend. If anyone wishes to entertain me (or entertain the thought of me), I’m now accepting offers.

I’m amazed by how far I’ve come at my job within the past few years. I started as a glorified receptionist and am now responsible for rewriting our mission statements. Among many, many, many other things. (Complete list available upon request.)

Speaking of work… Do we have any insomniacs? I’d prefer not to park in the “business parking” lot, as I’ll be returning late-late one week from today. I’ll leave Wednesday morning a little earlier than I’d like. At least I’ll have all day in the air. Normally this isn’t a good thing, but the opportunity to sleep as I cross time zones makes me quite happy.

No linkage, just commentary, today.

Leave a comment instead. šŸ˜‰

Are there any sites out there that I just HAVE to see?

Anyone? Anyone?


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