>Tourist in my own town.*

>I didn’t go away for vacation. Instead, I stayed around Naptown and made the most of it this past week. I hit nearly everything on my, relatively local, to-do list and surprisingly loved every minute of it.

This week, I…

(Deep breath.)

Saw Shrek 2.

Refinished chairs and tabletop. My formerly icky cream colored chairs are now a lovely shade of pink (ahem… Roasted Pepper). I had planned to stain them a few shades from their natural wood color, but really didn’t care for the color of the wood once Mom and I had spent hours removing paint and sanding.

Refinished tabletop. When I learned of the impending disaster of the wood finished chairs, I headed to the tabletop. Just a quick test of the table’s finish so I wouldn’t waste time if they ended up being as nasty as the chairs. The table is a very nice walnut and the refinishing will continue next month!

Toured Marengo Cave with Dad. Then scrambled through the tornado stricken woods with the ‘rents.

Sang Indigo Girls songs with the windows down all the way back to Indy.

Checked out the Indiana Historical Society with JL. Highly impressive exhibit on voting. The perfect level of interactivity. The exhibit included an extinct, yet functioning, voting booth and the Schoolhouse Rock videos.

Went to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors monument downtown.

Caught a Concert on the Canal. Taking the gnats out of the equation, it was a neat way to spend the evening.

Toured the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time. Tours are weekdays only, so I hadn’t had the opportunity until this week.

Tasted wine at Easley Winery.

Unlike other wine tastings that I’ve done (not that I’ve done many), Easley gives you a cheat sheet and a pen to take notes. Very clever idea. Cheat sheet on one side, order form on the other. Bought a bottle of the Niagara. This very popular fruity white tastes like fresh grapes from the vineyard. Best served chilled. Grapey!

Spend some time at Midland Arts and Antiques Market. Always fun destination for an afternoon of poking around.

Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 with Candy and was totally blown away (in a good way).

Went hiking at Fort Harrison.

Contrary to popular belief, we did not break any of the park rules. Not even one water balloon fight.

Went on an inspection with Candy.

Went on a self-guided bar tour with select members of my urban tribe.

Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 with Steph and Stephanie. The Sunday crowd was a bit milder than Friday night’s, but still an excellent experience.

I also: did laundry, read and drank lots o’ beer.

In theory, heading back to work tomorrow shouldn’t be too painful. Keep in mind that the last time I went away for a week, I didn’t have two employees to continue carrying the workload. Tomorrow I’ll learn what I forgot to address before I left for R&R. What fun…

* This list is rather flat and contains dozens of blog-worthy stories, which may or may not appear here in the near future.


2 responses to “>Tourist in my own town.*

  1. >Almost forgot…I also bought art from a vending machine.

  2. >Don’t forget to put the boat on your list along with the hat on Krissie’s head…LOL

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