>Hell, yeah!

>Not normally one to talk during movies, I surprised myself tonight. I practically shouted, “Hell, yeah!” at the theatre.

Fahrenheit 9/11 did it for me.

I admit that I was a bit disenfranchised when Dean dropped out of the race in February. I’ve still been on my Anyone but Dubya kick, but with a little less vigor.

Two things:

1. If you intend to see Fahrenheit 9/11 within the next few days (at least), visit our new friend Fandango.com to reserve your ticket. We’re talking sold out shows all over the place.

2. If you’re a self-proclaimed member of the choir, get ready to be blown away. This show kicks proverbial ass.

I’m ready to jump back in with both feet!


One response to “>Hell, yeah!

  1. >’Protest against Bush – or we’ll behead hostages’ASSOCIATED PRESS, BAGHDAD, IraqHola, peeps.

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