>Why did the computer go to the chiropractor?

>It had a slipped disc.

If only every popsicle was this funny.

I woke up this morning to rain.

I went back to sleep.

I woke up again to rain.

I ate a popsicle.

I read a couple of blogs.

I wondered why little sisters hadn’t updated for awhile.

I realized that I hadn’t updated for awhile.

I updated.

I realized that this post isn’t substantial enough to count.

I began considering a new post.

I quickly dismissed that idea.

I decided to leave you with some links instead.

I made it to the third of 99 Rooms before I thought it would be better to play this when the sun is shining. The music is a little eire.

Write an email to your future self at FutureMe.org. Kind of an electronic camp counselor. Will hold your letter until a time you determine in the future.

I was going to throw in a third, but decided against it.

More soon.


3 responses to “>Why did the computer go to the chiropractor?

  1. >How do you keep a rooster from crowing on Sunday?Stew him on Sat. LOLLove those popsicle jokes…

  2. >Jokes on popsicles are cool. Jokes printed on my potato chips are NOT. Have you had those yet? There’s something creepy about my food talking to me. I don’t mind writing on the wrapper, but not on the actual food. Don’t get me wrong; I ate the potato chips. I just refused to read them first. I’m not that crazy.

  3. >Too funny!So those lovelies are on the market now, eh?You might actually want to read those, Steph. If for no reason than to be sure they don’t read “The body of Christ.” Gotta watch what you’re puttin’ in that body.

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