>Weekend Update


I spent some quality time with my building’s maintenance guy when I returned from work. Seems he wasn’t able to fix my bathroom sink, so I’m in for another visit on Monday.

I ran the mom-mobile through Mike’s Car Wash on Friday evening and discovered the source of the rear wiper plastic bag. That Mike isn’t stupid. Check out this from their website:

Other Vehicles We Can Wash

Standard Full Size Vans

Standard Sport Utility Vehicles (Explorers, Mountaineers, etc.)

Large Sport Utility Vehicles (Suburbans, Escalades, etc.)

Hummer H2’s (This vehicle does require that a signed release be on file.)

Guess all it takes is one “H2” with a missing bumper before the waivers appear.


Headed home-home for Gretchie’s baby shower. Seems I don’t know much about babies, but I do carry around a bunch of garbage in my purse/bag/satchel. Got to see the Brain for a bit when we went to visit Johnny and his kiddies. Somewhere between here and there, we became adults. Not a bad thing, just something I’m still putting my head around.

Then off to Meg’s graduation party… Red icing makes for fun times. 😉

Spent some memorable moments with baby sister and Robert on Saturday night. (Note to G: Don’t let Manda teach your kid how to spell her name.)


Woke up to yummy French Toast and the news of Regan’s death. Headed back home (not home-home, mind you). Returned too late to hit Steph’s birthday event. Q: Has HP done any cross-promotion with Harry Potter?

Went to see The Day After Tomorrow with Candy instead. I have now publicly admitted to spending money on a movie after reading countless negative reviews (written and verbal). If you’re still thinking of seeing it, don’t waste your time. Conceptually, it was good. In actuality, the acting sucked and the plot was flat.

Hm… Did I miss anything?


2 responses to “>Weekend Update

  1. >Red icing is a good thing…Great seeing ya this weekend…

  2. >Hi, it’s SJ. Thanks for the email. I’m okay–I’ll be back once m,y legal mess is sorted out.

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