>A and B (Maybe C)

>A: I hate Blogger. Eh, maybe I hate my computer. Not sure. Please accept my apologies for the multiple posts. I have a feeling that I double posted comments on Manda’s blog after posting double comments on Mopsa’s blog. Manda and Mopsa, I’m doubly sorry.

B: Somersaults make me a very happy camper. There were tears in my (donated) beers last night. Too much stress makes MJ leak water from her eyes. Not a pretty sight. Actually, the thought of two slightly intoxicated twenty-somethings doing somersaults in an apartment complex yard isn’t very pretty either. But, you know what? Tough! It was the most fun I’ve had for a hella long time.

C: Eh, more later. I think this post is probably incriminating enough as it is.


2 responses to “>A and B (Maybe C)

  1. >Whatever, I do what I want.

  2. >Never apologize to me for making me look more popular than I actually am!

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