>Prrreeeetty sparkles…

>My eyes have been itching like mad since I visited home-home last weekend. I’m catching myself rubbing my eyes at every opportunity. Last night, while mid-rub I remembered that when I was kid I’d sometimes rub my eyes until I would “see” sparkles. Probably not a healthy decision, but I tried it anyway. Yep, still works.

Looking for the reason online this evening, I’m finding all kinds of nifty links about sparkles:

Short Guide To Seeing Sky ‘Sparkles’, Particulates, and ‘Webs’ says “Stare into the sun w/binoculars! see sparkles!”

The Eyes Have It is a short story that references the sparkles as quilt patterns.

Paul Simon has a song mentioning the “sparkle in your eye“.

I found a quick reminder not to wear sparkly makeup… Of course, they also mention not to rub your eyes excessively.

Anyone have a medical reason behind the sparkles I see when I rub my eyes?


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