>Mr. Futon Frame

>Mr. Futon Frame went far far away today.

Where he went, I don’t really care.

No mas, Mr. Futon Frame.

It’s all about the new-old table and a new perspective. Literally, I see new things now as I sit and write at this lovely little table. Good stuff.


3 responses to “>Mr. Futon Frame

  1. >I wonder if Mr. Futon Frame is visiting my Old Mr. Couch at the city dump? Cause my Old Mr. Couch made his way there this weekend so New Mr. Couch could sit in the living room.By the way, are you coming to my pitch-in on Friday night?

  2. >I don’t believe I’ve yet to be invited.

  3. >I’m having a pitch-in at my house at 7:00 p.m. Please come!!

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