>The bitch is back.

Just returned from grocery shopping.

I’d been meaning to go grocery shopping for most of the week.

As I walk into the store, I make a quick stop to drop off some trash from my car.

The trash can seemed a little farther from the entrance than usual, but no biggie.

1. Drop off the trash.

2. Head to the entrance.

3. Get waved down by some “student” looking guy (who probably moved the trash can).

Conversation goes something like this:

Student: Hey there!

Me: Hey.

S: Do you have a minute to help me with a communications project for school?

Me: Maybe.

S: It’s not political, don’t worry.

Me: That’s too bad.

S asks a bunch of small talk questions. I respond with completely false answers.

S: So, What would you do with $5,000?

Me: Getting annoyed. Probably go grocery shopping.

S: Well, I can win $5,000 by earning points through this contest with my school.

Me, fully knowing that this is the magazine sales for points pitchSorry, I’m not buying anything.

I promptly proceeded to march to the customer service counter and ask that they remove the solicitor from the entryway.

Don’t know anyone who has actually been a small talking magazine sales person. I’d love to know what ends up happening to them. Anyone have ideas?


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