>As there is no Friday Five this week and I’m between moving furniture and cleaning….

I popped over to this site* for his weekly questions.

Q: What’s on the nightstand next to your bed?

I just moved a vanity type dealie to be my nightstand/headboard. Looks like two big candles, two plants my alarm clock and a lamp.

Q: What one show on television do you try never to miss?


Actually, depends on the season. Literally every other summer I’ve been sucked in to Big Brother.

Seasons 2 and 4 were nightmares for anyone who knew me. Pretty stupid really, but I actually had politically correct “water cooler talk”.

Q: What condiment always tastes good to you no matter what it’s on?

Mmmm… PESTO!

Q: Would you rather sleep on the most luxurious mattress you can imagine or have your face appear on a postage stamp or your favorite cereal box?

Not a fan of the postal system and don’t have a favorite cereal, so I choose… sleep, sweet sleep.

*I’m having trouble believing that I’ve linked to this guy, considering he’s gone through the gooble-gobble leadership training. (Gretchie will know what I mean.)


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