DEFINITION: having favorable prospects, promising

EXAMPLE: Tamika thought that having lunch with the boss was an auspicious start to her new job.

SYNONYMS: encouraging, propitious, hopeful, positive

Several years ago a coworker I was not particularly fond of stated that my birthdate was “rather auspicious”. She wrinkled up her nose as she said it and the word has been ruined for me since.

In other, less newsy news (yes less newsy than that)… It seems that my :30 of fame has been rescheduled for Friday morning. Nothing like crying wolf twice before. Maybe they’ll put us off until Janet Jackson day and I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the attention. Or perhaps they will put off the segment until autumn.

I’m going to hole myself up in my apt. this weekend with an abundance of cleaning products and not come out until Monday morning. (Or so I say now…) Does anyone want a nice maple finished futon frame? I can’t seem to find a suitable cushion/cover and refuse to make one. It’s too large for my very small apartment.

Head over to MSN’s Veepstakes to unofficially vote for a running mate for Mr. Kerry. Not sure what it really proves, but I’m addicted.


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