>There’s good news and bad news.

Good news is that an Emmy award winning producer at Gooood Morning America asked me how to pronounce my last name for a segment on tomorrow morning.

The bad news is that my Great Uncle Bill passed away last night. This is my Dad’s Uncle. This is the man with the biggest goofiest grin I’ve ever witnessed. Rumor has it that as the eternal bachelor, Uncle Bill immediately began flirting with the nursing home staff on the tours a couple of weeks ago. More recent rumor has it that he mentioned to his sister (my Grandma) that he was only going to last a few more days. I’m truly amazed by how many older people know/decide/calculate when they’ll decide to stop living. Don’t want to take this too far, but it seems so unreal to me that a person could look back at life and make a determination that they’ve had their share. Uncle Bill had some stories to tell and I wouldn’t doubt if I’ve only heard the first of them.

I’ll be offline for the next couple of days as I head home-home to attend the funeral.

Hug your friends, spouses and lovers.

Kiss your dogs, cats and children.

Dance barefoot in the daisies and keep your chin up.


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