>Acoustically speaking…

There are two popular ways for scientists to perform acoustical measurements. They include a “direct method”, and a “comparison method”. The direct method computes sound power levels by computing an equation of environmental factors (such as room temperature, humidity, reverberation time, etc.) and sound pressure levels. A more precise implementation of this method can be found in the ISO3745 acoustics standard. The comparison method however, is conducted by measuring sound pressure levels from a reference sound source which emits a known, constant, sound power level, and then comparing that level with the sound pressure level of the object being recorded. Each way is equally valid and accurate. From Wikipedia

And then there is the boop method.

I like to walk between buildings (much like the peds in my hood) and test the acoustics with a Boop or two, much like anomalous boatwhistles of the nesting male gulf toadfish Opsanus beta. Heh… There are other tests out there.

Lately, I’ve heard several renditions of Marvin Gaye songs as well as a few strategically placed “Viva La Mexico!”s.

The acoustics between my building and the bingo place rival any shower stall in America.

Good stuff, I say.


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