>Since we’ve already established that I’m an enabler, it’s time for the next revelation.

I have a nasty orange peeling habit.

Yep. Fellow employees have recognized my addiction and have learned to work around it. In fact, they’re encouraging it. They’ve pooled their pennies and purchased a pair for me!

It all started rather innocently when I asked about an unusual orange-colored device that appeared one day at lunch. Call it a personality flaw… but once I had identified it as an orange peeler, I had to master the fine art of its usage.

Not as easy as it appears, learning to peel the perfect orange takes weeks of lunch breaks. Not much for the traditional methods when a nifty gadget is around. While I’m not yet considered a master of the orange peeler, I’m getting closer every day. If anyone knows the secret to the depulper (my word) feature, please share. I’ve managed to advance beyond my peers’ knowledge of the orange peeler and I’m left without helpful advice. For those of you unfamiliar with the “depulper”, it’s the little square dealie at the bottom.

Sick isn’t it? Extremely satisfying though. Plus, I’m keeping everyone in the office up on the Vitamin C.


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