>And it was back to work today.

I promised a full report earlier in the week, so here goes…


The UHaul broke down, I wanted to strangle NPants.


I managed to resist my urge to strangle NPants and enjoyed unpacking the new and improved truck from Penske.

Din-din with prez and wife.


The games began! Lots of fun.

If you’re looking for a great place to break the ice with a crowd of willing coworkers, head to Dick’s Last Resort.


First meal of the day at the prez reception approx. 8:30pm.


Grand opening. Day ended at 5:30.

Then din-din on the town.


See Thursday’s post below.


Another extremely long day.

The vendors were happy.


Much fun. Hawaiian theme carried over until the dancers let on that they were from Tennessee.

I have a new nickname at work.


Bid farewell to my oceanview and prepared for the 14 hour drive home.


Made it back to town around 4:30.

Crashed in a serious fashion.

Defrag dinner with Candy.

More sleep.


More sleep.


Bought new sheers for my living area.

More sleep.

Lots of work.

Mostly fun.

I should really join Toastmasters.

The ones in Naptown seem pretty lame. Something for the “younger” professional crowd has to be out there.

Suggestions (besides drinking more beer) from anyone local?


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