It’s true. Blogging from the road and all that.

The time is currently 9:12pm, Thursday evening.

This means that I only have three (okay, technically four) days before I can sleep in my very own bed again.

Woo Hoo!

So far, the show is going extremely well.

With one exception, and I absolutely had to blog about it.

If you’ve ever played Sims you should have been at our trade show today.

Instead of anticipating that having 400+ people in a room would cause the temperature to rise, the hotel left the temp at “normal” during the hours leading up to our trade show.

The best thing was that we had to limit the entrance to one of nine doors for security reasons.

So, we’re looking at a ton of people in a room hovering around 90 degrees.

The attendees starting drinking water.

The hotel was called.

The hotel staff started hiding in back hallways.

The attendees started grumbling.

The vendors started grumbling.

The staff started calling the hotel staff for more water and/or AC.

For an hour or so, I swore that we’d have to refund all of the money we’d brought in during this sold out show.

Yes, basically, I left our dearest vendors hanging at a reception tonight so I could come back to the office to mention my Afternoon as a Sims character.

Couldn’t help myself.

Tomorrow is our benefit reselling opportunity (good for google).

Saturday is our Hawaii night (also good for google).

Sunday we drive.

Monday we drive.

Tuesday I sleep. YIPPEE!!!

Wednesday I blog again.

Hang on tight kiddies, we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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