>It’s true. I’ll be away from this blogging goodness until at least the 23rd. Convention (see last post) is right around the corner. An oceanview suite complete with happy hour awaits me. Not that I’ll be in my suite much, but it will make those four or five hours of sleep each evening feel even better. So, with that my faithful readers, I introduce our first guest to YeOldeGhetto… The elusive Ms. Candy.

Having (mostly) agreed to mopsa’s Blog Promise below, she will be your hostess on this adventure we call Naptown.

I promise to post only when I have something to say.

I promise to try not to bore the shit out of you with my incessant whining.

I promise to keep my self-serving bullshit to a dull roar.

I promise that I’ll never blog naked.

My advice to you, dear reader, is… Don’t feed the lion.


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