>Um…. garlic.

I intended to take a mental health day away from work today. As the days came closer, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Instead of going out and about with JL and Candy today, they met me in the field that isn’t plain for lunch. I’m so glad that they made the drive for lunch. While I couldn’t have a margarita with JL, I could revel in the fact that friends were in my “work” space. Always makes me smile. Anytime anyone wants to go out to lunch, just let me know.

P.S. – I said these words today and you know… it felt great.

Horoscope: It is perfectly acceptable to just admit to yourself and others these simple words, “I don’t know.” You will be amazed at the burden that will be lifted from you, MJ. Don’t think that you always have to come up with an answer to something. In fact, trying to make up an answer when there really isn’t one at all will only do more harm than good. Now that you have accepted that you don’t have the answers, the possibilities are infinite.


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