>And convention season is in high gear.

I worked on Saturday and a 12 hour day today.

Actually, I’m forming some very unique friendships throughout the country as a result of my jobbie job.

Prime example: I received a call from a chimGOOGLEGOBBLEney cap manufacturer in NC this morning along the lines of “How ’bout them Panthers?” I had to do a little informal research to figure out exactly what he was talking about. Makes you wonder if he made three other calls to football-region specific people he knows. Did I tell him that I skipped the game in favor of Big Fish? Nope. I’d much rather hear people from the southeast gloat about a football team than the weather. Go figure, eh?

Anyway… I had good news and bad news waiting for me when I returned home from work today. No, not another noise complaint. The good news is that my simple IRA has earned a whopping $31.41 since June. I was surprised to see a number in the positive. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to fully appreciate the money I put into it. Only 9,493 workdays until I can retire (at 65). More realistically, let’s say 10,797 workdays until I retire at 70. Only another forty years or so.

But wait! There’s more!

That wasn’t the bad news.

The bad news is that I received my first recall notice from Ford today. Seems my fuel pump is a bit shady. But, at least I have until 2011 to have it fixed gratis. So, that’s something at least. Right? Right.


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