>”Let the games begin!” she said with a start. After sitting through a five hour meeting, she was ready to get moving. Maybe not moving on the project she had spent most of the day planning, but moving nonetheless. She’d had three rather large cups of coffee, a Diet Coke and two glasses of water. She was ready to move to the bathroom. And then on to the diner down the street.

Keeping in mind the project, she picked up her notebook before heading out for a steak and egg sandwich. “What am I doing eating steak and egg anything?” she mumbled under her breath as she gathered her belongings. Just down the hall she heard Veronica recapping her latest cholesterol check appointment from earlier in the day. Luckily, steak and eggs weren’t a usual meal. In fact, she considered herself a vegetarian as she hadn’t consumed a meat product since 1992. The morning’s meeting had left her with a brazen mindset. Some things change, she thought. “Change is inevitable, remember that.” she declared to a no one in particular as she made her way down the hall, leaving a wake of flustered coworkers to ponder her intent.

She thought she overheard someone whisper, “I wonder if she’ll be back…”


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