>It has to be at least 85 degrees in my apartment right now.

And while I don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve, I do have the opportunity to wear my busty tank top. See, I have something going for me at least. đŸ˜‰

Today’s horoscope reads:

Horoscope: This should be a busy day for you, MJ, (um, duh) full of stimulating contact with others. (What counts as “stimulating contact?” Group activities and/or social events could prove extremely satisfying today on more than one level. (Eh? Where was I today? Must have been too busy to notice the group activity and/or social events.) You might make quite a bit of progress with regard to business projects; (With all of the work I’ve been doing lately, there’s no reason something shouldn’t be getting done.)the energy and cooperation involved in them is high. (Kicking ass and taking names, for once. “Don’t make me tell you again.” You could meet congenial new people who share your interests, (Does a vendor for our trade show count as a friend?) and contact with old friends proves especially supportive. (Christmas card from Turley/Bigham made me pretty happy. Gotta love when a friend marries a guy willing to wear a kilt to make her happy.) Whatever goals you set today you’re likely to reach soon. (Today’s goal: Make it through this week without physically harming a coworker while maintaining an acceptable level of “holiday spirit”.) Fa, la, something…


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