>Today’s update brought to you by…


No, I’m not snorting coke. I’m simply celebrating the fact that I can breathe out of my nose for the first time this week.

So, what have I been up to? Besides taking long baths, drooling and not being able to sleep, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

My week in review:

Last Friday

Went to Arkansas with Mom, Dad and Manda. Stopped several times along the way to eat and shop and shop and eat. Visited the home of the “Thowed Rolls”. Not entirely unpleasant. The fried okra almost made up for the fact that their slogan makes me cringe.


More weddin’ stuff. (Heavy accent due to location.)


Assisted with Mario’s inflation and installation.


Back to work after the extended weekend.

Evening spent volunteering at PBS with my new friends from Indianapolis for Dean. Very encouraging to spend time with so many like-minded people, even if I wasn’t able to get to sleep until entirely too late.


Din-din with Candy at the bah-Ram-You and then to Bath and Body Works for sensory overload.


Felt like crawling under a rock immediately upon returning home from work.

Took a long bath and crashed before 9pm instead.


Dinner with Mamma Lline and Andi to celebrate ML’s birthday.

Came home and watched Basic Instinct.

Side note: What’s up with that movie? It seemed entirely more lame than I remembered it being. True, I’m sure it was partially due to the fact that the made-for-TV version was edited down to PG. But, come on… Old Sharon was practically reading her lines the entire time.


Tonight will be spent catching up on my favorite bloggers.

I’m glad to be back in action!


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