>The Onion

Saturday: Walking to my car, I notice something on the windshield.

Hm… It’s an onion. Not a “just pulled out of the ground” onion, but a “just bought at the grocery store” onion. Bizarre.

I have a few theories:

1. Candy and JL put it there to see if I’d mention it. I did. They seemed genuinely surprised by my question.

2. Mom drove three hours to put an onion on my windshield, knowing that I was craving chili. Doubtful.

3. Someone found it on the street and decided to place it on the closest car thinking that someone dropped it. Likely.

4. I have stalker/secret admirer reading my blog and leaving symbolic gestures of affection. Doubtful, but wouldn’t that be much more interesting than my third theory?

For the sake of a little education, let’s go with number 4.

To dream of an onion means: A need to cry or get in touch with your emotional side.

Somebody or something that is not what it appears to be, where there are many layers or façades that need to be penetrated before the core issue or person presents itself.

Crying for effect, false tears, crocodile tears.

A Chinese symbolism website says: The onion represents cleverness.

Did you leave me an onion?


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