>A Happy Ending for Our Friend Bagel

Good news kiddies. You may officially begin speaking to me again.

I am no longer in the doggie adoption business. Your friend and mine, Bagel the Wonder Dog, has found a home. The flyer worked!

I stopped by my friendly neighborhood Marsh grocery store (affectionately known as “The Marsh”) after work on Friday in search of a few essentials.

“What the hell,” I thought as I pulled into the parking lot. “I’ll take a flyer in with me.”

So I posted Bagel’s sad little WANTED: GOOD HOME flyer on the work-from-home-scam board and continued with my shopping.

This morning RL mentioned in a “It’ll never work out, I’m taking the dog home with me to make doggie stew.” kind of way that someone had called about the Bagel. “But if it doesn’t work out, I know Steve’ll (her husband) want to try again,” she said as she tapped her fingers together with pure evil in her eye.

An update came shortly after lunch when the BagelSaver made an appointment at 3 to meet the doggie. 3:00 rolls around and the barking outside suddenly stopped. Bagel had met her match, a decent young woman from Plainfield.

We all gathered around to watch them interact. They seemed to be a good fit. Bagel licked the BagelSaver’s face as RL went to find the leash.

We bid our farewells to Bagel and gathered her bowls.

We’ll never forget you Bagel. You made Teresa’s departure much less painful. Or at least you distracted us enough that we were able to keep moving in the right direction.

And to think, I was eyeing these lovelies when I thought that Bagel might be sticking around.


(A huge thank you goes to everyone taking part in the Bagel Drama of 2003. I never could have made it without you.)


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