>Bagel, Bagel, Bagel… (sing it like you mean it)

Sweet Bagel was there to greet me at work again this morning.

Seems that receptionist lady (RL) took her home to stay in the garage for the evening. I’m glad that she at least had a break from the wind. RL’s intent was to introduce Bagel to her dog and possibly keep her. The dog didn’t care for Bagel and she came back to the office with RL this morning.

Good news is that Bagel is staying with the 0pie Family this weekend and will undoubtedly be one of the guests of honor at their dinner party. I sent everyone home from work for the weekend with a handful of “Wanted: Good Home” flyers, much to the chagrin of RL. (I’ve already shared my feeling on that situation. Repeatedly.)

So, the good news is that Bagel has until Monday evening to find a home (at least). The 0pies have someone in mind to adopt the Bagel. I trust their judgment. 🙂

Until then, the Bagel drama is on hold.


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