>Here’s a little story about a dog named “Bagel”.

I can’t remember now who first noticed the dog in our parking lot at work yesterday. I do remember that I was a little ticked that no one had mentioned it to me.

It was a cute blonde doggie. A very freaked out cute blonde doggie. We spent what must have been a total of two hours Tuesday outside attempting to lure the dog with bits of bagels left over from last week’s staff breakfast. Yes, they were a bit “chewy”. But the dog loved them and soon began to close the gap between its servers and itself.

We couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female as it continued to carry its tail between its legs. Theories were tossed around like mad. We finally agreed that the dog was most likely dropped off/abandoned and left “to be found”.

My first call was to the county’s humane society. No dice. The voice mail message said to call animal control. That voice mail message said to call the sheriff’s department. The lovely dispatcher at the sheriff’s department told me to call the police department. It seems that in BFE, one has to have an animal contained before anyone will pick it up… Unless of course, it’s an “emergency”.

My idea of an emergency is apparently different than that of the po-dunk police department. After giving a brief description of the dog, I was told that “someone would be out shortly” and that I should call if the dog decided to leave our property.

So, we waited… And waited… And waited.

45 minutes later, the police department calls to see if the dog is still on our property.

Of course it was, as we were still feeding it bits of bagel.

No one had come to pick up the dog by the time we were all ready to leave. So, we left more leftovers for the dog and bit it farewell. (It wasn’t quite that easy, but for the sake of this narrative…)

This morning I was greeted by the dog (instantly becoming “our” dog). It had been resting on the lawn waiting for us to arrive. She followed me from my car to the front door, keeping a safe two feet behind. This was quite an accomplishment in and of itself, considering the dog had kept five or more feet between it and anyone on Tuesday.

We had kept the remainder of the leftover bagels inside the front door… Just in case. I’m glad we did, because I think it cemented the deal with the dog now known as Bagel.

Bagel continued to impress us with her bravery today. Soon she was able to let us pet her. (Yes, it’s all over from here.) She inspired us to keep feeding her when she became comfortable enough to eat from our hands. She had obviously been someone’s pet at one time, since she sits on command and puts her paw out to shake (though we still haven’t figured out her word for shake).

Poor little Bagel. She’s so sweet.

Her friendly behavior made us (read:me) opt for a different angle. I placed a found ad in the local paper this morning:

FOUND: 11/11 Yellow lab/terrier mix ?

near Airwest Business Park

Call (317) xxx-xxxx

I hope that a kind family somewhere misses their puppy and calls to claim her soon.

Tonight’s weather reports: EXPECT WEST WINDS 25 TO 30 MPH WITH GUSTS TO 45 MPH TONIGHT

As the temps begin to drop and the wind picks up, I can’t help but wonder how Bagel is doing out in the middle of an industrial park.

If no one claims her by Friday afternoon, I’m going to take her to the county’s no-kill shelter that I hear is very close to work.

Until tomorrow…


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