>I waited in line to have my book signed.

Holding my yellow hardback copy of Ten Little Indians, I considered the tens of questions I’d like to ask Sherman.


“How did you decide to start writing screenplays?”

“Which novel or short story that you’ve written is your favorite?”

“What’s the best non-Starbucks place in Seattle for a decent cup of coffee?”

“How often do you use that ‘I’m a manipulator’ line?”

“Do you realize that this is the only hardback book that I’ve purchased in the last year?”

Instead of making a complete ass of myself and not upset the 50 people behind me, I decided to go with the standard flow.

“Hi.” said MJ.

“Hi.” said Sherman. “Who is this for?”

“Me.” said MJ with a snide look.

At this smart remark, he laughed and gave me a “I should have known better…” look.

“Melissa.” said MJ handing him the book.

He took it and realized that it was upside down.

“Upside down, you’re turning me…” he started to sing.

Scribble, scribble….

“Thank you.” said MJ.

“Thanks.” said Sherman.

The end.


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