>And now for the post that you’ve all been waiting for… My Sherman Alexie experience.

Good stuff, I say.

I managed to find a parking garage on the IUPUI campus just in time. People were turned away just minutes after I found my seat. Sherman was brilliant, as is to be expected. He talked about his grandfather, September 11th, the joys of being a white liberal and many other things before heading to the Eitlejorg to sign books. I’m glad that I was in Indianapolis to hear/see him.

Welcome, Mr. Alexie, to my list o’ people living or dead that I’d like to invite to lunch. Don’t worry, I’ll invite only one of you at a time. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to smell Janis Joplin at this point.

Today’s happy moments:

– Cutie getting my attention by “psst…”ing me at IUPUI.

– Making Sherman Alexie laugh at a smart a$$ remark.

– A long autumn nap.

– Watching the lunar eclipse with Candy.


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