>I’m pleased to see that a few people have given me literary power.

Thank you for your questions and also thank you for giving me a chance to go off about trivial day-to-day garbage again. I’m sorry I had to practically threaten you to interact, but given the excellent questions that I’ve received, I’m glad that I did (in a sick and twisted way).


So, here goes…

Angela asks: In keeping with the season, do you believe in ghosts/spirits/supernatural occurrences?

Excellent question.

I do in a positive sense. I sense the spirit of my Grandma Miller on occasion. Especially when I have a decision to make that is the lesser of two evils. She always had a “you can get through it” attitude which I highly appreciated. Since you (Angela) know Emma Leigh, I think you understand how highly we hold her spirit.

Pam asks: What is your favorite ghost story?

I don’t know if this is really a ghost story or not but…

In college I used to hang out with a Malaysian guy named Eddie. Eddie was really laid back. He was a stereotypical bass player/international student (figure that one out).

He told me about one night when he and some friends were driving around in the country.

They were driving in a forest of sorts on their way to a party one night and noticed an older woman at the edge of the road. They stopped to let her cross. She had acknowledged them with a hauntingly (my word) “knowing look” as she moved from one side of the road to the next. Driving at night in the middle of nowhere made them nervous. Her attitude made them more nervous. But what really made his story stand out to me is that they had to wait. They had to wait as her trail of white hair continued to cross the road (for almost five minutes).

Obviously this woman wasn’t real. Who was she though? Eddie never knew. Given that he seemed wise beyond his years, I have been haunted by the story ever since.

And finally, JP asks: What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Hm… I’m not a huge fan of candy corn. I’m not a huge fan of candy in general. (Sorry, Candy.) I think that my favorite Halloween treat isn’t really a conventional “treat” at all. It would probably have to be time spent carving pumpkins. A chance for everyone to (affordably) show their creative side. When I was a kid, we would carve pumpkins and set them on the front porch. It was one of the only times that we were really allowed on the front yard because we lived on a state highway. The danger factor was entirely too high to allow kids to be near the speeding vehicles. So, maybe that was part of the “treat” that carving pumpkins carries for me… the ability to show our personalities to those passing by. It was a time to let our creativity shine without fear of being judged.

And you thought I’d say Snickers. 😉


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