>Things and stuff and stuff and things (in no particular order):

There was a faceoff this weekend, involving me + a lamp kit.

I think the lamp kit won. I am still limited to overhead lighting.

I did win the battle with the pumpkin. I am now the proud owner of a very smug jack o’ lantern.

In the some things never change department…

I took a roll of film today with 0pie’s very expensive camera.

In my excitement, I overwound (is that a word?) the completed roll,

making it nearly unusable.

He took it into a darker room, rewound it and put it back in the canister.

I immediately proceeded to open the canister in the lovely overhead light of my office.

The Magdelene Sisters was part of my weekend lineup as was Original Sin. An “unflinching and compelling emotional drama”, the Magdelene Sisters left me drained and slightly paranoid about nuns. Luckily, the actresses were able to carry their accents throughout the film, much unlike Angelina Jolie in Original Sin. I’m not sure if I’d seen the movie before. Beautiful sets, but horrible acting.


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