>I’ve been holding on to an email for a long time now that I want to share.

I haven’t checked out this Taylor guy, so there’s always the chance that he might be a big time crispie.

If so, please forgive me.

Eric Taylor – The Power of Certainty

Almost everyone I know would like to be, act or feel more confident. How

about you? What areas of your life would immediately improve if you became

more assertive, more confident, CERTAIN. The Power of Certainty is an

expectation that something or someone is going to win or achieve something

positive. We recognize and often applaud individuals that possess an aura of

certainty, they seem to have a definite purpose in life. They walk, talk and

act with precision and confidence. How did they get that way? Were they born

certain? Or, was it a characteristic, trait or behavior one learned and

developed. How does one go from being uncertain to certain, confident and


The lack of certainty is the number one reason why people don’t achieve

their goals and dreams. Uncertainty is the reason why salespeople don’t ask

a closing question, why employees don’t get a promotion, why a woman isn’t

dating the man of her dreams, and ultimately why many struggle through life.

The power of certainty will change all of that!! However, change creates

uncertainty. The great Jim Rohn says, “For things to change you’ve got to

change, otherwise, nothing much will change.” WOW!! Ok, now that puts some

pressure on us, doesn’t it? If change creates uncertainty how do we change

and become certain? Let’s talk about behaviors, also know as habits. Could

it be that some of your habits or behaviors are creating a high level of

uncertainty in your life?

The Power of Certainty lies in your ability to live with passion, focused

purpose, a plan, and persistence. Develop the right habits, help others on

your journey, take every shot and don’t stop until you achieve your desired

outcome. When you do this, The Power of Certainty will be with you!!

This weekend I’m certain that I’ll fix my lamps, finish an article for work

and take some time to do something good for myself.

What are YOU up to this weekend?


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