>Okay kiddies…. I’m going to ramble about a bunch of unrelated stuff. Just thought I’d warn you.

On my way home from work today I saw a very shiny new red SUV. The license plate said “ROB”. I kid you not.

On my way to work this morning, I saw a Saturn or something similar… the license plate had a star on it with a three digit number. I wonder how you get one of those.

What else?

I’m not going to San Fran. So, watch out… Sherman Alexie weekend is coming soon.

“It’s not pictures or privilege, just self-preservation.” – An Indigo Girls lyric I’m stuck on today.

What else? I want to carve a pumpkin soon.

I bought a pack of eight mouse ears for Opie’s birthday later in the week.

JL loved his Hollow Weenie decorations.

Aah… I feel better now.

Oh wait… I’m also trying to figure out which of the Indigo Girls sings the lower parts. I’ve been trying to follow her lead when I’m singing along in the car. How nice would it be to hear only one person’s track. Is that out there somewhere and I’m just missing it?

Now, yes now. Now I feel better.


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