>I’m home from work and am feeling fairly optimistic.

Primarily it has to do with the brand new blankey I got in the mail from Mom and Dad today. Really helps to have a fuzzy new blanket around.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and picked up everything I need for a “#$%%^ that noise, I’m makin’ it on my own!” evening including (in no particular order):

– frozen pizza

– frosty beverages

– a scented candle

– two movies, and

– a couple of freebie magazines.

Just for good measure, I’m throwing in a Friday Five. Kind of strange as I was thinking about how I felt really safe driving home from work this evening on a gloomy, rainy evening.

1. What vehicle do you drive?

2000 Ford Focus Wagon

2. How long have you had it?

Three months or so.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?

This is my first car with any “modern” features. So, I think that the CD player is cool. The rear windshield wiper is cool. The fact that it locks when I start driving is cool… you get my drift.

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?

That it runs on gas. I get great gas mileage, but I still wish I didn’t have to fill it. EVER. 😉

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?

Most likely a Toyota hybrid.


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