>I found this totally fascinating.

The Hair Part Theory will enable individuals to become aware of the messages they could be projecting with their choice of hair part. The characteristics associated with each type of hair part for each gender are as follows:

Men W/Left Part: Natural for men, usually works well for them. Perceived as popular, successful, strong, traditional. Can be out of touch with the feminine side of themselves.

Examples: John Wayne, Tom Brokaw, John F. Kennedy,Edward M. Kennedy

Women W/Left Part: Usually ok, especially for women interested in making it in business and politics. Perceived as intelligent, in charge, reliable. Can sometimes be perceived as too “masculine”, and/or can create difficulties with fulfilling traditionally feminine roles.

Examples: Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Christine Todd Whitman

Men W/Right Part: Usually unnatural for men. Can create an uncomfortable image; can cause social shunning, sometimes leading to unusual or eccentric behavior. Perceived as atypical, open, radical. Can work ok if the man is very confident, attractive, or striving to be respected in a non-traditional male role.

Examples: Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Robert F. Kennedy, Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder

Women W/Right Part: Natural for women. Usually works ok. Perceived as very feminine, gentle, caring. Can cause problems of not being taken seriously.

Examples: Martha Stewart, Jane Pauley, Betsy McCaughey Ross, Geraldine Ferraro

Men + Women W/No Part, Natural Center Part or Bald: for men and women. Perceived as balanced, trustworthy and wise. Can lack the flair associated with the other types.

Examples: U.S. Presidents 1-9, Joseph P. Kennedy II, Sean Connery

Which leads me to wonder if Hilary changed her part during the Lewinsky years. Google Hilary Clinton and you’ll see that she had changes to a right part on occasion.

It also makes me wonder if “google” will ever show up in a dictionary as a verb. But that’s for another day…


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