>If only I had read my horoscope this morning, I would have known what I was getting myself into.

This could be a particularly stressful day, dear Cancer. Thanks to the increased responsibility you have taken on, your workload is heavier than ever. On the one hand the day seems endless, on the other there are not enough hours in it to get done all that needs doing. Take care not to take your anxiety out on your entourage. If you are nice to them, they may even help you finish your project!

Today, work should have been titled “Monday”.

Emails full of requests for the same photo that I can’t locate.

Phone calls from salespeople all day long.


I did get to check out one of the larger apartments in my building this evening. The painting crew let me in to snoop as they were doing touchups on a recently vacated apartment. They look very nice and if I get a raise anytime soon, they may even be at the right price.

Somehow, my horoscope makes me feel validated. Hm…


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