>I stepped up to the soapbox today and wrote an email to Arby’s.

To Arby’s With Love

When I walked into the restaurant this afternoon, I was greeted by the assistant manager’s back. He was loudly asking the employees about hospitality and customer service. I waited to see how long it would take for the man with the white shirt to realize I was there. His employees did see that I was standing behind him.

A rather shy looking employee turned to me (after about 2 minutes) and asked if I’d been helped yet. I had not. He proceeded to take my order and kindly pointed out that I could get the same number of cheese sticks for less if I ordered a large instead of two smalls. (This was a redeeming point to this experience.)

I used my debit card for the order and was not asked to sign the slip. Thinking this was strange, I asked if I needed to sign it. He said I did not since it was under $25. So, I asked if it had my full number. He said that it did. I asked to sign my debit card slip. With a “humpf”, he motioned to the same assistant manager. Again, the assistant manager did not make eye contact or attempt to explain the situation at all. (I think the “$25 or less-no signature” policy is strange by the way. It didn’t make me feel very comfortable with the method of payment.)

I proceeded to sign the debit slip and was a bit happier.

The employee having taken my order realized that my sandwich was ready and turned to get it. Looked at my order again and realized that no one had put the cheese sticks down. So, he walked back and counted the cheese sticks with his bare hands. (I realize this isn’t a health code violation, but it is still unpleasant.) Within two minutes, my cheese sticks were up and I was ready to go.

I see several problems with situation. Primarily stemming from the lack of interest from the assistant manager. He was very unprofessional and obviously not a strong leader.


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