>It’s either that I’m a terribly attractive woman

or that I wear the same gray sweater

almost everywhere I go….

Third time’s a story, so here goes.

Thursday evening, Candy and I went to

the Lockerbie Pub

where I asked the bartender how her

vacation to Denver went.

She told us about it around

the same time I was getting ready

to visit Pam in Seattle.

She responded by reading my name from

my debit card and saying,

“It was awesome!

Thanks for asking, Melissa.”

The second was when we went

to the Abbey for lunch on Saturday.

The barista usually asks for a first name

when ordering food.

Instead she asked,

“You’re name is Melissa, isn’t it?”

And kind of smiled. (Maybe I’m dreaming here.)

The third was tonight when

the waitress at the Ram asked me

my name.

She proceeded to ask if I worked

downtown and we talked

for a few minutes before she

slipped me a free drink. đŸ™‚

A sign that I need to go out less?

Or a sign that I’m a welcoming person?

Who knows, but I’m enjoying it.


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