>So, I’ve been a little slacker lately eh?

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind visit to see Pam in Seattle.

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m going to keep this rather brief.

More to come when I’m a little more coherent.


Arrived in Seattle around 10pm (Pacific) after a “misconnect”.

This is the airline’s nice way of saying that they screwed up.

Had a drink at Al’s Tavern.


Walked to Gasworks Park.

Walked back and took a nap. 🙂

Visited the troll under the Fremont bridge.

Had a kava kava cocktail at the unadvertised Thai restaurant.

Open mic night at Mr. Spot’s Chai House.

A quick visit to Golden Garden’s Park.

Saw a little bit of the lunar eclipse at the beach.

Went grocery shopping.

Read tarot cards.


Pike Place Market

Ate lunch at the Athenian.

Took the Bainbridge Island ferry.

Took the Waterfront Streetcar/Trolley.

Walked to the Space Needle to take the monorail.

Took the monorail. 😉

Had a drink at the Wildrose.

Went to a Tea Tasting at the Seattle Metaphysical Library.

Rented a couple of movies (Duets and The Gift).


Went to a neat (guess the magic number) recycling event.

Went to the University District Street Festival.

Ate and ate and ate festival food.

Flew kites (or at least attempted to) at Gasworks Park.

Took a long nap.

Went back to the Wildrose for a couple of drinks.

Went to a dance club called Neighbors.

Took another nap.


Back to Indy.


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