>Friday five:

1. What was the last TV show you watched? -Will and Grace, the long-awaited Madonna episode. Before that, I had had the TV unplugged since I watched some movie. Can’t remember.

2. What was the last thing you complained about? – Work. The weeks approaching the board meeting are always super busy. Committees trying to get work finished before the meeting. Or at least give the appearance of getting work finished at all.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?- Yesterday morning I complimented Vicki. I told her that her hair was “swingy”. It was. It is. It’s cute.

4. What was the last thing you threw away? – The remainder of my lunch salad. I’m not a big fan of iceberg lettuce and try to eat around it when there’s blue (bleu) cheese involved.

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?- I just took a quiz to see where I stand politically compared to Ghandi, Hitler, and others. Closer to Ghandi than Hitler. This is a good thing.


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